You Can Earn $2000 PM and More Doing Freelance Writing Jobs for Real!

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You Can Earn $2000 PM and More Doing Freelance Writing Jobs for Real!

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Freelance Writing Jobs Training

How You Can Work from Home Full Time doing Freelance Writing Jobs!

Freelance Typing Jobs Training

Imagine earning $2000 p/m for writing articles, blog posts and tweets?

I was already earning that back in 2006 when I landed a contract writing for an SEO firm and I was a newbie back then. Most people would love typing out blogs, articles, and other work and be cashing in but very few manage to get it right simply because they don’t know what it takes to get started.

Once you have, then you need to maintain the momentum to reach top-notch earnings as a freelance writer. Achieving this rank means investing a little in courses on how to become a seasoned writer and know where to look to increase your earnings and even land a writing contract

Everyone knows that the fastest, cheapest easiest ways to make money online is doing freelance writing jobs and you can even end up working from home full time like I did if you do it right. If you don’t follow the proper methods, you can crash and burn, even before you have earned a single dollar.

Write Smart, Write Profitably!

It truly is not difficult making a living from doing freelance writing jobs online, but you should follow the basics properly, and to become a smart writer that rakes in the profits… it is wise to invest in guides that teach you to become a professional writer, to maximize your income.

That’s what I did and it was a smart move! The writing insights and methods in guides I invested in helped me become a work from home success story doing freelance writing jobs online… and you can do the same!

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Where do I Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

It’s easy to find thousands of freelance typing or writing jobs portals and clients seeking writers online, but there are no Complete Freelance Writing Coaching Guides packages that tell you what to write, how to write, and what to write about if you want to write for your own benefits.

Sure you can buy individual guides here and there and there are even freelance coaching courses but most don’t concentrate on the one thing you want to do…that is do writing and make money doing so. You also want to know whether you have a real a chance of making some decent money doing writing work online, full time or part-time.

Freelance Writing Jobs Training

All the guides and training I compiled in one incredible package will give you some real insight on how to go about freelance writing the profitable way! And whatever else you need to make money online besides!

About Me: I started out freelance writing online as an average person just like you, without any writing special skills, or much knowledge about anything to do with writing of any sort, besides what I had learned in school. In my spare time after work, I would aimlessly surf the internet looking for ways to earn extra money and dabbled doing a few writing jobs for clients wherever I could find them.

One day I came across a client looking for an SEO writer on a freelance basis, and although I had no idea what this was I took a chance and applied. While waiting for a response I did some research on what this form of writing jobs was and by the time they asked me for a sample of work I had a pretty solid idea of what they wanted.

Imagine how excited I was when they said my work was satisfactory and I could get started right away. Me earnings climbed from $500 doing writing part-time to eventually over $2000 P/m and a little more.

Freelance Writing Jobs Online

A few months later I resigned from my job much to the shock of my work colleagues and became a full-time writer. Along the way, I invested in training and guides and the rest is history. I have achieved success online now but today write for my own benefit managing a suite of blogs and websites.

Freelance writing has the potential to allow you to work from yourself full time, and earn an income far in excess of what you do working for a boss. That is the same today and even more so, with some clients paying incredible rates for quality content as well as portals that will but your work from you at premium rates.

You don’t have to be an expert writer to earn a living freelancing… Start part time which is probably your plan anyway…

Any of your income goals can be achieved doing freelance writing jobs, and in actual fact, the amount of money you can earn writing is unlimited. The internet is information driven and we all know that! New information, old information being updated, stories, website content, news, magazines blogs, training courses, social media information and SEO content are all that makes the internet exist for all of us.

Freelance Typing jobs from home

Like I have mentioned above there are as little as 3% of people that manage to achieve a full-time freelance writing career because most people go about it all the wrong ways from the beginning.

Most of us put up our own obstacles and convince ourselves we do not have the right skills, tools, or are good enough to write anything. Get that thought out of your head right now and be excited because if you get started properly and you can with all the training I will share with you, no doubt you will be bursting to start writing for money online.

Although the training guides in my course concentrate mostly on freelance writing, which is how I created my wealth online, keep in mind there are many other ways to freelance by offering your skills as services.  Included are multiple other ways to earn a solid living on the internet.

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Typing Jobs part time

What does Freelancing Mean?

What offering skills or services as a freelancer means that should you be knowledgeable or qualified in a certain field you could offer these skills to consumers, businesses, or anyone that requires them. You offer your services on a per job or contract basis without becoming an actual employee for anyone

For doing freelance writing on the internet, what you do need to start with is at least a good base of grammar and English, school level will do to start off with because your experience will increase as you go along.

Using my experience and to help others become expert writers I created this huge freelance writing jobs training package to help them begin their writing careers, which many have been thrilled with.

So What Could You Create Content About?

We are all unique in our experiences, personalities and knowledge and you could share this in content that other people can use in multiple ways.

Are you good at telling stories, giving feedback or reviews on a movie you watched or song you listened to?

Do you love chatting with people, recounting feedback on something you saw, explaining something, or summarizing news about a topic?

Needless to say, most people do these things in everyday life naturally, unless you are a complete introvert. There is a writer in everyone, and you simply need to know the steps of how to get things down on paper, or onto your computer now that we have the technology.

The content you write in the form of articles or books can be sold on one of the many portals there is today, or you could seek writing jobs that clients want and advertise for in numerous freelance portals where writing work is in abundance. On one of these freelance portals is where I found the writing contract I talked about earlier and there are many others and more in fact than there was back then.

.Writing jobs for work at home mums

If you are going to write books or reports, it is vital to know the right format that they should be in, or if you are going to write SEO content, which means ‘Search Engine Optimization’ content then you need to know what this is all about, and how to do it.

You could become a self-publisher publishing your own books to earn an income from royalties on Kindle. This is something I learned later and today I have over 60 Kindle books live that earn me a passive income. Occasionally I will add a new book when the itch comes to write one.

My talent for writing was self-taught more out of desperation, after failing to make money online in all sorts of business opportunities, and losing money to some scams in the process as well. I never gave up although at sometimes I was ready to but you don’t have to suffer this if you get all my freelance writing jobs training that is seriously comprehensive!

Can Anyone be a Writer?

Simple answer; Yes!  But you have a smoother way to start a freelance online writing career, if you have the right tools, and are not under pressure.

That is where decent training is vital. Check out This Freelance Writing Special Offer Click here

Any of the above-earning goals I enjoy and even more can be achieved, and the amount of money you can earn writing is unlimited. The internet is built on information and there are millions, yes millions of websites desperate for good content to get improved rankings and as a writer that is where you come in!

Once you gain experience as a quality writer, you can get involved in a few different methods of writing content and create different streams of income including passive earnings from self-publishing.

Let me briefly go through some of the methods and what they entail. These are also the most popular ways freelance writers earn money online. These are from writing:

  • Articles
  • Advertisements
  • Blog posts
  • Reports
  • EBooks
  • Copywriting
  • Auto Responder emails
  • Spinning Rewriting
  • Teaching Courses
  • Kindle Books
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Short Stories
  • Student Thesis and Essays
  • News & Press Releases
  • Website Content and information

There are numerous other options and in certain writing, the work is more specialized than others, but of course, pays premium rates. Copywriting, for example, will require you to have a certain skill set that not all writers will have but this is a job that is highly paid.

Some Freelance Writing Job facts

FACT 1: There is enough work out there to keep you writing forever and easily allow you to earn enough to work from home full time.

FACT 2: There are numerous different ways of writing that will earn you money ranging from articles to eBooks.

FACT 3: EVERYONE has a chance at making money online doing writing work because there are many different methods of doing so.

FACT 4: The only reason you will fail is if you have a negative mindset and belief that you cannot make a success. Get rid of those thoughts now!

Articles, EBooks, information reports and blog posts, are freelance writing jobs that can generally be handled by virtually any writer, and most new freelancers begin in these niches.

Typing Jobs Training

Starting out as a Freelance Writer

If you’re just starting out with your freelance writing business, you’re probably not going to get paid top dollar. Invest in my training guides, and as your writing improves and you begin building a reputation, your work will be highly sought after, and you can command the best possible returns from clients.

Just like did, most of you will start out at entry level rates, typically doing the easiest work, and why doing this is important; is the fact that it improves your writing skills. Article writing is in high demand especially SEO content writing and there is always a never-ending supply of work.

Spinning is rewriting the same article a few times using different wording, but making sure the article remains factual, quite difficult and sometimes boring and frustrating. Some writing portals pay writers good money for this sort of work but it never appealed to me much although I did do some of these jobs.

There is even software that does article rewriting for you but nothing beats human editing and you should also take pride in writing unique content as well. Some call article spinning the black hat techniques of SEO writing but it is a bit of a grey area.

As for EBooks, special reports and other ways of writing, this comes as your skill set improves and eventually you will have the confidence of writing for yourself, and selling your work in many different ways.

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Freelancing legitimate Jobs From Home Online

Freelance writing jobs can often come with an additional value-added service you can offer clients, to do some extra drudge work like researching a topic or finding information that they need. Whether you’re writing website SEO content, eBooks or other types of content, you’re doing a service for people who don’t have the time to write, or just aren’t interested in doing it themselves.

Although I began writing articles as my first inroad to freelance writing, I went on to SEO ‘Search Engine Optimization’ writing and became good at that and besides this, it is interesting and enjoyable and now I do it for my own benefits anyway.

Back then in I was hired by a high profile company that does SEO for clients on a freelance contract basis, and had more work than what I could cope with and there is no reason you will not land a contract like this or from the many others there are. From that point on my life, after landing that writing contract everything changed with the money I was earning from doing work with this company, and since then have never looked back, and never worked for a boss again!

If you start off by SEO article writing for people who are going to be using the content on their websites, you will have to do some studying about keyword and market research, BUT here is the benefit when you do this.

You CHARGE the client additional fees to do this market and keyword research for them, as a value-added service and make even more money.

Instead of the client doing all the research and simply handing you the topics and keywords to write about, you can do it for them starting by providing them with a list of keywords, and then they choose the keywords they want the articles for.

How to Make Money Online Fast with Typing Jobs

Who Wants SEO Rich Content?

Internet marketers, businesses and many other clients love outsourcing this work to freelancers, and happily pay good money for this service. Training is a great way to enhance your income doing writing work for clients and something I am glad I did and now sharing with you.

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When I started writing for myself in right in the beginning, I was never at a loss for work at any time throughout the year…At certain times of the year, you will likely receive more writing work than you can handle, often during or just before special occasions or events, like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s day sports fixtures etc.

When it comes to making money as a freelance writer, you want to focus on established companies with a larger readership base as well as projects that offer competitive pricing. This way you are able to secure the highest paying freelance writing jobs and projects that will help you boost your overall income.

Some Writing Jobs Tips…

a) Manage your time and projects carefully, something I did with the help of keeping a diary and Excel spreadsheets.

b) The focus is equally important so avoid ending up jumping around between tasks doing a ‘bit of this’ and a ‘bit of that’.This will end up you have too many unfinished tasks with deadlines overwhelming you.

C) Stick to a routine to get things done and my advice is using spreadsheets diaries and calendars with a reminder, use software you can readily find for free online to help you manage your daily tasks.

D) If you have clients in different countries time zones will be different so be careful of keeping them waiting and explain to them the different time zone you are living in so that they understand.

Working for yourself is an entirely different discipline and its fun, but it can be messy if you don’t keep proper records, especially when you have multiple clients.

Typing Jobs Online Freelancing work


*Remember These key Take Away Points as a Freelance Writer Overall.

-Quality not quantity.

-Deadlines of clients, not your own,

-managing payments,

-Turn-around times and…

-doing your own work.

Focus on One Project at a Time, and queue projects according to the deadlines. Fully complete a project rather than trying to handle many a little at a time.

You will feel a better sense of achievement each time you complete and submit your work. Always let clients know that their project will be completed by a specific date, and always leave you adequate time to complete the work. Have the task completed and checked well before your submission deadline. Never promise work to be delivered before that because you end up putting added pressure on yourself as well.

Just remember that there are many different ways to generate a full-time income as a freelance writer AND writing for yourself. I recommend you invest in this fabulous Training Package to begin your writing career: Learn More


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