4 Types of Real Online Jobs and Their Earnings Potential!

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4 Types of Real Online Jobs and Their Earnings Potential!

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4 Types of Real Online Jobs Explained and What You Can Earn Doing Them…

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What to Expect in Earnings Doing Real Online Jobs

So you are looking for real online jobs and a lot of articles you read mention that most offers of this nature are scams so you are scared of getting caught out by one. Let me clear up some misconceptions about legitimate online jobs, rather than throw you a whole lot of ideas which you would probably find impractical to suit you anyway.

I am going to give you some insights on work at home real online jobs which you could do with your computer to earn extra money in your spare time. We are going to begin with looking at legit online jobs that are free. These are the perfect options in real online jobs for students or if you are broke and want some extra cash.

  1. Legitimate No Fees Online Jobs.

Free online jobs you can do will not pay much but they are mostly minor tasks anyway including market research surveys, paid to surf traffic exchanges, advertclicking jobs, (Called Pay To Click Sites), apps reviewing jobs, and micro jobs, often found on social media pages, and of course the new type of ‘captcha’ typing jobs which is  completing captchas as fast as you can like the one below for example…..

Captcha Jobs


Many online jobs articles, and blogs about online jobs blow out of proportion the amounts of money you can earn doing these sorts of jobs, with some claiming you can make up to $250 per day which is absolute rubbish.

At best if you REALLY put in the time with one or two of these free to join online jobs  options, you MIGHT be able to achieve $50 per day. That is the reason these legit online jobs with no fees are ok if you need a few extra bucks per day, because if you stick it out and apply the same amount of effort every day, this $50 per day becomes $250 for 5 days work and an extra $1000 for the month.

  1. Freelancing Online Jobs

Freelancing online jobs are perfect for stay at home mums, and people that are prepared to complete tasks within deadlines, and to a high standard for clients.  These types of tasks cover doing almost anything under the sun, from typing jobs to graphic design, virtual assistants, teaching jobs, to marketing assistants, and they are REAL online jobs!.

You need to know there are freelancers and freelancing jobs, so let us take a look at what these mean in simple layman terms….

Freelancing online jobs are broken down into two options in this case, the one to register as a freelancer on these freelancing portals and offer your services and skills creating a USP (Unique Selling Point) of what you can offer clients.

Watch The Video below regarding what is a Unique Selling Point?



The second option for freelancing online jobs is where you will join a  freelancing jobs portal where a membership fee is required, so that you can access jobs clients have posted already and complete those tasks. Why should I pay a Membership fees to access these real online jobs and do the work you may ask?  The answer is simple…

Online jobs is one of the biggest >>>SCAMMED<<<, (not Scams) industry, with many people trying their luck at doing the work, or tasks and then just leaving them half heartedly for whatever the reasons may be. That means the client that posted the online job will be left high and dry, and if they have a deadline it is even worse.  It’s all too easy just to split when things are free in online jobs, when you decide that you have better things to do, places to go, or are too busy…

Online Jobs Home

These portals where you can access real online jobs thus have membership fees so that only serious people join and are prepared to do the work and submit it professionally and correctly and thus get paid for their effort. The membership fee is also very small and easily covered by doing the thousands of online jobs offered within these portals.

The potential doing freelance online jobs is far more lucrative and some dedicated freelancers work from home full time earning incomes in excess of $5000 P/M!

  1. Internet Marketing Online Jobs


These types of jobs are far more work intensive and range from affiliate marketing to ecommerce, email marketing, to building and managing a full blown internet business. Don’t let anyone tell you that this is an easy game at all , but the rewards and returns for internet marketing are truly worth it if you are a dedicated persistent type of person.

The income from internet marketing can be extreme, but proper training is crucial and it also takes an investment in time, patience and perseverance. If you want to start an online business build a plan first and then work according to what you outline. Internet marketing online jobs come in vast options making it possible to suit anyone’s skill sets, passions and desires for earnings.

There are options for internet marketing in small scale online businesses you can begin, which can quickly earn you an initial return on your efforts and work put in.  Alternatively if you have a little more money to invest start out buying into turnkey businesses which are ready made and just need to be managed by you. These three basic categories of real online jobs can be done by anyone, from mums to students, retirees to single parents and all it takes is the proper mindset and the attitude to not give up as soon as you encounter an obstacle.

Lastly we will take a look at working from home building a business of your own with an offline and online presence.

4. Home Business Online Jobs..

You may have a passion for something, create your own products already or would love to start a business offering services. Home business online jobs can be managed online or offline and it is wise investing in blueprints for the home based business you want to begin and many of these can be found online.

Many people start earning money doing real online jobs and as their experience progresses decide they want more and start full time work from home jobs.  The series of videos below on our channel will give you a step by step guide on how to start and manage your home business.

Hope you have some clarity now about real online jobs and if you do always research what needs to be done, join legitimate job portals and freelancing sites, and lastly be a bit more realistic in what you expect to earn from the types of jobs you are doing. Watch This series of free videos completely for more insight…




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