New Paid Surveys Added. Cash In Now!


This month I will be updating the site with the latest hottest new paid surveys and rewards offers I can find. As we are coming up for Christmas many companies are clamoring to do market research before the gift buying rush begins!

If you have already participated in some of the surveys then no doubt you will have earned some cash or even won prizes or shopping vouchers. I have updated the pages with new trending surveys so take a look and see if there is one suitable for your country.

For Australians, there is a brand new EA games trial to see whether you love what they have to offer in gaming fun. For the UK there is the New Argos Lifestyle survey competition and for US and Australian Visitors the new Global Surveys Test Panel that can be joined.

Have a look around and participate in all the new paid surveys you can. Don’t just add the survey app to your mobile and not use it productively.

Whenever you have a little free time have some fun completing the offers and you never know you could win massive prizes besides the money you earn doing the market research.

Share your comments so that I know what you prefer in market research and surveys. Perhaps you like testing out stuff like games and products more or taking advantage of trial offers and free downloads?

Although this website concentrates mainly on market research many companies ask me to add these sorts of offers for the visitors because they are similar. Some users earn up to $500 for one or two surveys but these are large surveys where you neede to really think out your answers honestly.

Companies look for regular survey takers and if you are one will send you exclusive market research to compete for exceptionally large rewards.

I am always doing the odd survey when I have the chance or entering into competitions because I enjoy doing them. In some instances I have been rather harsh in feedback when I have found that the product, service or support has really been poor. They want honest feedback and that is what I give them.

Thank you for visiting eezywealth surveys Rewards website. Please share it with others. Perhaps you have a granny or grandpa that has lots of spare time, then show them what to do in completing these surveys, and I am sure they will love it! Bookmark to keep updated with new paid surveys which are added regularly…



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