7. About Eezy Rewards

Hi Visitor, My Name is Richard and that’s me above.

I have been a work from home Dad for over 10 years now and most of my income has been generated online. As the owner of Eezywealth and related websites, I have helped many people achieve incomes working from home ranging from some extra money to a few that have even been able to quit their jobs.

Recently a company that specializes in  managing surveys for large corporations approached me to ask me whether I would like to offer surveys panels to my followers and this is how Eezywealth Surveys Rewards was born. The site will remain under construction indefinitely because I will continuously add the newest in surveys offers to try and cater across the spectrum for everyone and in as many countries as possible.


Earning money, winning competitions, and getting your hands on freebies is quite easy and you can do it in your spare time so have some fun and start sharing your opinion to earn rewards.

Hope you find the surveys interesting and let me thank you for supporting all these advertisers at the same time. If you want to really rack up the earnings from surveys then really get stuck in and do as many as possible.

All the best and thanks for reading.


Want to contact me? then email me at eezywealth(@)gmail.com

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