Eezywealth Surveys Applications ‘Beta’

Eezywealth Surveys Applications

So we went out and had a look at some surveys applications and even downloaded a few to see how well they performed and were a little disappointed with quite a few of them. Lots of the surveys applications hardly delivered what they promised and we even found a few with single surveys. This prompted us to set up our own paid surveys rewards application which is still under testing.

Isn’t it useful to be able to access multiple survey panels and register with as many as possible. Choice allows you to participate in what you like to earn the types of rewards you like. Well while testing out the application and doing the surveys there may be a few bugs and that is why we would like to hear back from you what needs to be done for improvements.

Completing Surveys takes patience…

Everyone is in a hurry to get everything done and applications are supposed to make things simpler in life. However it seems they are making people feel even more rushed whether it is to play a game or read up information. Slow down a bit and rather enjoy sharing your opinion in consumer surveys panels and browse carefully to see details of the surveys you are joining.

The Paid Survey Rewards application and the website show you banners or screenshots of each survey so that you can decide what you want to register with. The surveys membership pages have multiple survey offers and are for serious survey takers. So as you see we are trying to cater for everyone’s requirements by countries and all countries specific surveys pages.


You CAN earn super rewards and extra money doing these surveys but only if you participates properly and turn it into an enjoyable experience. Being impatient and frustrated is not going to make doing surveys fun anymore.

We will continue adding surveys as long as it takes directly on the website/surveys applications. This is another failing of may surveys applications we came across and we hear and take note of the negative comments about this.

Thanks for visiting eezywealth paid surveys rewards. Our surveys panels advertisers NEED you!


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