Shocking Prices of Website Designers: Here is My Offer to You…

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Shocking Prices of Website Designers: Here is My Offer to You…

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Website Designers:  Rip Off Prices for Something So Simple?

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Website Design is Hard and it’s Also Easy!

Before website designers throw their toys out I just want to say Yes I do know there is quite a lot of work involved in building a website but where it comes to the basics of what the average guys needs I find most still charging exorbitant prices. I have been building websites for many years for myself from using standard HTML templates to WordPress installations so I know what it takes to get it up and running.

Sure the management and optimization are more work intensive but I am talking about the basics of helping people get a website up and running and then helping the owner learn the basics of how to take care and update the website…

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If you want to begin your own affiliate marketing business; or does your small business need a website or would you like to have a  blog where you can share your passion with the world….let me help you…

Almost every day I get tons of offers from Indian and Philippine-based companies offering me website design, SEO, and everything related to building and managing a website… and even these guys CHARGE THE EARTH!

What website designers are charging for websites these days is shocking, and no wonder the average person or small business cant afford it…
Let me get a basic website up and running for you, no strings attached at all in long-term contracts,  except one requirement is that you will need hosting for it and I will steer you in the direction where you can get this for less than 5 Dollars per month!

Your website needs a home or if you prefer its own piece of WWW land and that is why every website on the planet has to have a hosting company… I use 4 hosting companies presently for different purposes…

Some examples of WordPress websites I have built in the past are.

Relationships     for Claire
Travel & Tourism     for my brother
Health & Wellness     for Michael
Online Shopping Reviews  for Jean
Health & Wellness  for myself
Online Shopping Mrs. Tredoux
Work From Home”    where you came from… and many, many, others besides.

>Work from Home Based Business Real Online Jobs
Email me with details of what you want, and >>>what you can afford to pay<<< and we will take it from there and once I have finished with your project I will give you two training programs completely free worth $60 completely free so  that you know how to manage it, monetize it and update it..

***I currently work for Ritcor and you can take a look at all the services I help them provide: Click here

It’s that simple to get your very own website up and running without it costing you the earth and I will be happy to help you every step of the way including support afterwards until you are comfortable with managing your website.


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