Real Writing Jobs for Work at Home Mums. What you Should Know Before You Begin!

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Real Writing Jobs for Work at Home Mums. What you Should Know Before You Begin!

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Writing Jobs for Work at Home Mums: What is Best for Me?

Writing jobs for work at home mums


What types of Writing Jobs are Suitable for Stay at Home Mums?

Most stay at home mums look for writing jobs online as this is something almost anyone can do as long as you can type and have a fairly good grasp of grammar. If you want to find decent writing jobs for work at home mums it can, unfortunately, turn out to be a minefield because there are many scams about in this niche.

If you would like to spend your free time working as a writer and earn a decent living as a stay at home mum then you will have to spend some time finding legitimate writing assignments. Before you start writing jobs for work at home mums, it is sensible to write down an action plan or business outline because you will be freelancing.

Types of Writing Jobs for Stay at Home Mums.

Decide what sort of writing jobs for work at home mums will suit you. What sort of services will you provide to clients is the next decision you need to make. Writing assignments cover many different options and can range from:

  • Writing blogs and articles
  • Doing legal and medical Transcription work
  • Writing reviews and special reports
  • SEO writing for website owners
  • Writing content and sales letters
  • Data entry work for clients
  • Writing essays for students
  • Publishing your own books.
  • Ghostwriting

Irrespective of the type of writing work you want to concentrate on there are no shortages of writing jobs for work at home mums, but you are going to have to do some research first to see what suits your skills as w writer. As shown above, writing jobs are broken down into many different categories and sub-categories and some of the work would only be suitable for people with specific writing skills too. You may have ideas for writing a book and publishing books online as well as in print can earn you a substantial living too. below is a super writing for children course great for stay at home mums…


If you would like to start out as a freelance ghostwriter you will be provide writing services for clients that will use the work you do on their own and take credit for it. Many people hate writing so there are numerous opportunities ghostwriting for clients.

What You Need to Do Writing Jobs for Work at Home Mums.

The very basic requirements are access to the internet and a good word processor program on a laptop or desktop computer. Then you will need an email address so that clients can stay in touch with you, and a bank account to accept payment for your writing work. You could build a mini website using a free blogging platform but this is not necessary when starting out.

Writing for Your Own Benefits…

After doing research on writing jobs for work at home mums you may come to a conclusion you would rather write for yourself. This can be writing and publishing your own books, creating educational courses, writing short stories for magazines and news websites or special reports for a few examples. Writing for yourself may mean that you will have to be patient to start seeing earnings come in from your efforts, but it can be very rewarding over the long term.  Writing for children and publishing books on Kindle and in print is becoming popular for stay at home mums and there are some excellent courses that will train you to get started the right way.

Freelance Writing for stay at home mums

Writing jobs for work at home mums are plentiful as you have now read this article and below are some great resources to help you find what you are looking for. It takes diligence persistence and a good work ethic to be a writer for online clients or even for your own benefit but you can earn a great living as a writer. Once you have started wiring for clients and have completed a few paid assignments you will start getting a feel for what is required from you and build up confidence.

As your skills increase you can start charging better rates for your work and start branching out into other types of writing that suit you best. Have a look at some of the links below that will start you out doing writing jobs for work at home mums, and once you get into a rhythm of being a skilled writer you can earn a great living in your own time while having the freedom of working from home.


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